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My story..

Story of my shoes..

.. is very simple. Some of my earliest memo-
ries are from when I was little and "helped"
my father polishing shoes in his little cobbler shop. Today I proudly present myself as third generation cobbler, designing and making my own handcrafted men's shoes. I'm working from that very same workshop in a small town in the North of Sweden.

But my story didn't start in the shoe business.
I had big plans to become the next big fashion designer and took a patterncutting course in Gothenburg, Sweden then continued with a design course at London College of Fashion. It was when I was applying for a BA in woman's fashion design I realized that I could choose footwear design instead. I was accepted to world-reowned Cordwainers at London College of Fashion and left 4 years later with a BA hons in product design for the fashion industry, footwear. However, during the years I studied I realized that I didn't want to work for the fashion industry, so I left London for my hometown Skellefteå and set up shop on my on conditions. The road has been long but here I am today doing the things I love much thanks to the support and knowledge my father's given me.

.. are also simple. They are handcrafted by myself from the first design to pattern and final product. I feel it is very important to preserve a handcraftmanship that is disappearing more and more and that is one of the reason why I do the clicking and closing, and lasting by myself. The shoes are made when a order is placed.

I tan the salmon skin myself using olive oil, eggyolk and soap just like the old ways. The uppers are made with vegetable tanned leather from Kero tannery in Pajala, Sweden. It is the most northern tannery in the world and is family own, third generation. The linings are made from reindeer skin also vegetable tanned from Kero. Reindeerhearding is the main source of income for the  Sami people (the indigenous of Scandinavia), they keep reindeers mostly for food and the skins are perfect for lining the shoes.

My other products are made from either vegetable tanned leather from Kero or from recycled leather products such as leather jackets or upholstery. I believe that by using recycled materials I can offer products that are unique because they're only made in small quantities and support a sustainable lifestyle. These products can be ordered on my webshop.